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Simple, Centralized Air Charter Management Software

Chartereasy is an intuitive and completely customizable one-stop air charter management software solution. Our web-based software is the first system to integrate sales and salesperson management tools, allowing air charter companies to build their business, in addition to managing aircraft scheduling and existing clients. Eliminate the need for secondary software and redundant data entry. With Chartereasy, you can organize flights AND obtain new clients.

Access Chartereasy aviation management software with any smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world, just log in and begin.

  • Air Charter Software

    The simple CRM interface is easy to use and helps you: organize and monitor sales activity, generate leads, plan cold calls, track results, and categorize prospects, as well as set valuable customer and date alerts.

  • Reporting

    The reporting section contains a many default reporting templates that are continuously improved. In an instant, you are able to get actual reports for sales, ops, accounting, rostering and maintenance.

  • Flight Quotation

    Our platform makes it easy to provide accurate quotes on fleet aircraft to potential customers quickly. With our automated line-item library, you can make sure that nothing slips through the cracks and that all non-flight time charges are covered.

  • Flight Operations

    Coordinate all of your operational activities with Chartereasy. Track aircraft, crew schedules and other operational variables with our integrated calendar tools.

  • Maintenance

    Each aircraft managed has a dedicated panel for maintenance. Sales will receive a warning when they are about to sell a leg that is up for maintenance. Ops are informed of any upcoming maintenance in their Dispatch window. And Timelines will show scheduled maintenance.

  • Crew Management

    Manage crew duty roster, monitor licences, medical certificates and other documents, warn about flight and duty time violations and automatically informs your crew about last minute changes in your schedule.

Fast, Reliable

Chartereasy is the web’s fastest and most efficient aviation management software. You will never lose business due to unresponsive software or unplanned outages. Our multiple data servers guarantee minimal down time, lag or delays. The result is increased productivity and profit for your air charter business.

Complete Data Security

Chartereasy protects your sensitive data, while providing a flexible security platform. All customer data is backed up daily for maximum safety and custom permission settings supply multiple levels of account access.

Web Based

Access Chartereasy airplane management software with any smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world, just log in and begin.

Customer support

You can contact us with questions or requests. Chartereasy is here for you, so you can be there for your customers.

Manage your aviation business in one system